Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Written by Drew - You know what they say about birds of a feather...

Sharing confidential information with other people is unethical and unprofessional. We will not address the many false statements in these emails because there are just too many to count. However, this sharing of information and bullying is not appropriate. We have redacted the client names to protect their confidentiality.
Upon seeing these messages, we decided to reach out to Carrie and respectfully request that she not engage in discussing our case anymore.  Enough people had already been made privy to our private information.
This was the answer we received.
Our response to her threatening us:
Her final message to us.
It would have been perfectly acceptable for Kim to ask the people who have had positive experiences with her to share them. She did NOT need to discuss all.


  1. I can identify with you one hundred percent. Like you I believed trusted and was heavily duped. We differ in that you are discussing about it and I didn't. I am one of those who has always missed the bus but not anymore. Whether you publish my comment or not you will be in my heart.
    We were told to come to India on a tourist visa for egg collection as we didnt qualify for a medical visa. We paid 20,000 dollars for the first try. We were told I do not have good eggs and transfer was a negative. We then cycled in a different country and got 21 eggs and a pregnancy.
    At that time we saw atleast 5 Caucasian donors and it came out they were cycling for gay parents despite India not allowing gay parents any more
    Our friend sent her frozen embryos. She did not want to come to India before the embryo transfer and no other clinic was ready to accept her request. Bakshi said she can could when the pregnancy test was positive and Bakshi would document transfer was done after her visit. Bakshi was so ready to break the rules and many desperate couples were ready to follow. Many couples like us read your blog and went to Bakshi for treatment only to be duped.
    So "yes" you did help her gain probably in the hundreds of thousands. And now to dispose you off like they did to your son is just shameful. Kim happily made her income from these clients despite her knowledge of the visa laws.
    All her clients ultrasound reports pretend to come from Nepal but are coming from India
    We just wanted a baby. We did not deserve to be duped.

  2. Talking of HIPPA:

    We are doing surrogacy in the USA and I just got an email (before signing anything) with my surrogates full name plus the fact she is bi-polar. This is information I do not want nor should I have. I have also received lists of potential surrogates where they have not crossed off their last name. As someone who values people's privacy this is unacceptable to me and I won't work with an agency that has done this. If they are so lackadaisical about surrogates information I don't trust them with my own records.

    What has happened to you is beyond horrible and I am so sorry for your pain. You should not have had to be given your sons ashes in that way, nor should your children have had anything but the best care.


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