Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What made John disposable and Maizy ignorable?

I'm seeing a parade of cute babies who were born as a result of surrogacy in India and Thailand.  Babies whose parents were helped by Kim Waters Hendrix.

They are really darling.   

Looking at them made me sad though.   What made those parents and those babies more valuable than mine?   Does their existence somehow negate my children and their suffering?   Understand, I am very very glad that those families did not experience what we did.  But there experience does not negate ours.  

John deserved better than this.  He was loved and cherished by his family.  
Mae deserved to have appropriate medical care.  She deserved a relationship with her brother.


  1. The answer is PR.

  2. Yes. But all the PR in the world does not change what happened to my children.

  3. My heart goes out to your family and I pray for speedy recovery for your daughter.

    Sharing your story is very helpful. However companies usually only understand one language and that's when their bottom line is being impacted. To be more effective here, I would suggest that in addition to your blog, you file an official complaint with ICMR ( which is the India body that has jurisdiction to an extend over ART clinics. Copy the US Embassy in India that serves the area where the Indian clinic is located so that they can at least warn other intending couples. You can send a copy of the complaint as well to the Indian consulate in SFO as the SFO consulate covers Washington State. In addition, if any of the entities involved are located here in the US, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as with the State Attorney Generals office and or the consumer protection agency in that state.

    To be sure, this does not change what happened to your family, but it will help reduce the possibility of it happening to another family.

  4. It is horryfying to read what has happened to you and your family. We have some contacts in India and made a few calls, It is a crime to cremate a child the way it was done for John without any authentic certificates or proof. There are no personal crematoriums. This makes the doctor and facilitator Kim Hendrix liable for prosecution directly and as a collaborating party. This is a very serious offence and can be compounded by allegations of child traficking. Call number 100 in India and get the police to take down all the details and investigate. A crime against a child cannot go unpunished. They have made a fatal error in your medical treatment and some one has paid for with his life. God be with you. Give the address of the clinic for IVF when you call.


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